ship-A1-800 This, my third (March 2011) EP album of electro compositions, takes a look at the resonance and flow of the human environment. That is the “built” environment where man shapes the spaces and the places. Do these infernal machines serve us? Or, are we here to serve the machines. Place some oil here, tighten that nut there. Maybe we just need to throw the spanner into the works? Invoke a little “industrial disease”.

Whensome– An impression of the sound of habitation: celebrating the industrial soundtrack to modern life. The acknowledgement of frustration at the human condition and the realization that if you do not accept it, it will drive you insane. Just another odyssey of triumph and pain!

Ten Eleven – Galactic euphoniums herald the workers triumph of another day done! This work conveys the feelings of the Happy Worker celebrating the end of another day at the ‘grind’, going home with a pocket full of pennies for a pie and a beer. Time to contemplate the pulsing phases of life forever on the verge of total chaos.

Understand This! – Sometimes I just despair at the lack of understanding between people. Is it not possible to just take a small look at the other person’s point of view? Are you in so much of a hurry that you can’t spare a few minutes to try to understand? Just where is it that you are going that demands such arrogance and ignorance? Jupiter?

eFactor – The industrial environment, rich with the beauty of struts, braces, columns and beams. The symmetry of structure and construction conspires to confound the mind and sooth the senses. Machines abound to punctuate your existence with pistons, cogs and hammers.

The Beacon– From a far galaxy a signal is detected. Is this a beacon to lead us to a new age of tolerance and understanding?



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